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Best Suitcases for Travelling

After some research on the best suitcases for travelling, we decided to go with the Eagle Creek brand that guarantees the luggage for life. This decision was after the latest cheaper version suitcase had the zipper die on us on vacation!


Eagle Creek Suitcases

All our suitcases are wheeled, especially important as we age. We bought the orange shade when it was in style to make it easer to spot coming off the luggage carousel.

What we’ve had replaced so far

  • The zipper went at the end of a trip
  • A buckle needed replacing on the matching overnight bag
The first trip we used them on was to Peru. It was easy to pack with the Pack-it packing cubes.
TIP: We still make sure we mix up our clothing in the separate packing cubes, just in case we loose one.
We found it really easy to see the suitcase come onto the luggage carousel. It’s now looking a bit beat up, but amazingly still a great shade of sienna.
The 4-wheelers still need to be pulled on rough surfaces. We found this in Cusco when the streets were mainly paving stones and we needed to walk up hill a little way to the hotel. This hotel was wonderful as it pumped oxygen into the hotel rooms to help with the altitude sickness.
Machu Picchu on Peru

Tarmac Exploration Series 29 L

Harbour in Nelson, New Zealand

We have this large suitcase that is our go to bag for a long trip, such as to New Zealand. There are also expansion zippers that mean you can fit a lot of stuff into this suitcase.

At the time we decided to purchase this, there was only the 2 wheel version available to be delivered in time for our trip. It would’ve be nice to have the four-wheeler, but most of the time the suitcase is too heavy and needs to be dragged anyway.

In the beginning, trips to New Zealand meant several suitcases to have enough clothes for the whole trip.

TIP: Now, we plan our accommodation to make sure there’s guest laundry at regular intervals so we can wash and reuse our clothes.

This is a view near Nelson where we usually stay in motels as members of my family join us and we want several units to accommodate us.

For more on our trip to New Zealand wait for our dream vacation blog – Best 21 day road trip in New Zealand.

Tarmac Exploration Series 26 L

This suitcase is a spinner and is really lovely. Here are the benefits for a 4-wheel suitcase:

  • No need to drag the suitcase along behind you
  • In airport queues it’s easier to have the suitcase beside you and spin around the corners. No need to hang on so much while you wait.
  • You can also rest other carry-on bags on the spinner.
  • Easy to move around in tight spaces, such as train stations.

TIP: If on a slope, don’t let go of the suitcase. Put it on its side if you need to place it down. This is also the case on the subway if you don’t want it to roll down the aisle with you chasing after it.

This suitcase saw us to our cruise in Vietnam and Cambodia. On our longer trips we take both suitcases to include all our camera gear, such as a tripod each.

For more about our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia wait for our post – Vietnam and Cambodia Dream Vacation.

Monk at temple in Cambodia

Tarmac Carry-on

Niagara Falls

This is a lovely little suitcase and has a special place in my heart as it now has many memories of weekend getaways and short airplane trips. But some disadvantages:

  • The wheel base is large so there’s not as much space in the suitcase as you would expect
  • These large wheels mean it’is difficult to get the suitcase into the overhead locker. The suitcase will not fit into the overhead bins in the centre of the airplane (I know because I tried!) and if you’re near the last of the people boarding the plane since you’re on standby, there’s likely not a place for it except for 10 seats back in the plane. (Again my experience!)

TIP:  Have all you need for the plane trip in a separate bag, such as one of the Eagle Creek Pack-it cubes.

One weekend trip that we never tire of doing is driving down to Niagara Falls, especially in winter, and watching the falls from our hotel room.

Expanse Hauler

Well this is a versatile little carry-on bag that converts to a back pack. When have we used this?

  • At Peru airport when we decided to buy the perfect alpaca jacket. The bag was now too heavy for the across the body strap, so we converted it to a back pack.
  • Overnight trips in the convertible when we want the roof down so don’t have room for a suitcase.
  • Pool party days for a change of clothes after the swim.
This trip to Peru included visiting Machu Picchu. We had a guide for a day walk up to the Sun Gate. It gets very hard to breathe at that altitude and I nearly gave up! The guide and friends kept saying it was just around the corner and at one time it was true. It was worth the climb for the view.
At one lunch restaurant we ate outdoors and then wandered around the alpaca farm and fed the alpacas some grass. Afterwards we bought some lovely soft alpaca scarves at the store.
Alpaca eating grass
Bixby Bridge at sunset

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