About Us

Travel and Photography

What better way to enjoy our joint love of travel and photography. We want to write about our favourite trips and inspire you to travel as well. Our most favourite photos give an extra dimension to our stories.

So where have our dream destinations been:

  • New Zealand
  • Vietnam and Cambodia
  • Peru
  • Egypt

We’ve enjoyed travelling with our friends. We’ve tried out new things – we now love river cruising – and all along we’ve learned more about ourselves through the lens from another country and culture.

Join us on our journey to places we love and the excitement of planning for a new destination. 

Where do we come from?

We are originally from New Zealand and England. We now live in Canada and have many friends around the world that enjoy traveling as much as we do.

It’s always special to re-connect with family and friends. We just pick up where we last left off and forge a deeper relationship.

What we’ve noticed during COVID is that we’re making more time to connect with people online. It’s a great medium to keep in touch when your friends and family live globally.