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Welcome to Travels in Retirement

Welcome to Travels in Retirement. A place dedicated to providing inspiration for people wanting to travel and looking for ideas on weekend city breaks, longer mini-breaks or even that dream escape.   

Your hosts are Stuart and Kay. We are more “seasoned” in age and have travelled throughout the world as work vacation allowances permit. As we get closer to retirement, we decided that we wanted to share our experiences and also have a place to document our future plans. We like to explore different cultures, cuisines, landscapes, natural beauty, areas of historical significance. We like to do it at our own pace and under our own control so we always aim for smaller travel groups or self guided tours with an emphasis on comfort.

As we add to the site, we will group our posts into the following four main categories:

Weekend Trips

toronto, canada, skyline

Options to explore some of the best cities in the world for a weekend or longer.

A focus on history, culture and cuisine.

Mini Breaks

Balloons and golf course

If you’ve more time to spare and want to experience an area in a bit more depth, then this is the section for you.

You can experience everything from amazing landscapes, incredible historical sites and local cuisine.

Dream Vacations

Wat Phnom Cambodian Temple

Itineraries that are perhaps once in a lifetime opportunities to explore the further reaches of the world.  

It’s here you’ll find our “bucket” list of destinations that contain everything we want in a vacation.

Travel Tips

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Over the years, we’ve learnt many lessons on how to travel in comfort and what to take with us on our trips.

This section contains suggestions and personal recommendations that might help you out.

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